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Whisper of the snowy fells! - 2 hours of snowmobiling

Fells are whispering... Come!
The snowmobile safari starts from the safari house. We drive around Ruka with new ecological snowmobiles. Our sporty and experienced guides make sure that you can taste the speed and  adventure.

Programme duration: 2 hours
Price : 110 € / person, 150 € / person (single driving)

Northern lights Safari - evening adventure

Start your evening with exciting adventure in the nature! We head towards wild, snowy forest by snowmobiles. We might get the chance to see the Aurora - Northern lights. Snack will be served during your adventure.

Programme duration: 3-4 hours
Price: 160 € / person, 195 € / person (single driving)

Northern lights safari by bus:

Price: 150 € / person

Russian border expedition - whole day safari to Kuntivaara

In this safari we drive a lot with new, sporty snowmobiles. During the expedition we ride our snowmobiles to the top of the Kuntivaara. From the top of this mountain we can see the unforgettable view of the Russian wilderness.

Programme duration: 6 hours
Price: 290 € / person (single driving)
Minimi group: 4 people

Husky safari

We drive with snowmobiles from Ruka through the Pyhäjärvi - lake to the biggest local husky farm, home of 200 huskies. After the husky sledge driving lesson we start a 5 km long husky adventure. During our visit we learn about the huskies, stories about their life. We will also enjoy warm berry juice and pastry in a cosy cafe.

Programme duration: 3 - 4 hours
Price: 190 € / person, 230 € / person (single driving)

Husky safari by bus (5 km ride):

Price: 170 € / adult, 150 € / child

Reindeer farm visit

Snowmobiles take us through the mountains and forest to the home of reindeers. The reindeer herder will welcome us. Then we go for a ride in a reindeer sledge. Home made pastry and warm berry juice will be served after the ride. And finally, after a successful reindeer ride we will receive a reindeer driving licence.

Programme duration: 3-4 hours
Price: 160 € / person, alone run on 195 € / person

Reindeer safari by bus:

130 €/ adult, 110/ child

We reserve the right for all programs and changes in prices. We reserve the right to change the route to be covered , taking into account the weather conditions . Snowmobiling  under the influence of  alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited ! We have the right to interrupt a safari if the customer through their actions endanger themselves or others health . Personal liability in case of snowmobile damage is max. 1500  €.
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