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Fell invitation - 2-hour snowmobile safari

Stand out from the crowd. This safari there are no additional shipping. We go directly to the core of the new ecological Ruka snowmobile fleet towards Ruka huge mountain scenery. Sporty and youthful guides will take care of the fact that this is unnecessary during the safari came to watch.

Programme duration: 2 hours
Minimum group size : 4 people
Price : 129 € / person

Northern Lights Safari - Night Life in the terrain

After had to be the day of the meeting or training, it is nice to start the exciting nature adventures. We tame the snowmobiles and give their lights beams slice through our route through the wild nature. If we are lucky, the nature rewards us with auroras. During the safari offered hunger transfer some snack.

Programme duration : 4 hours
Minimum group size : 4 people
Price : 165 € / person

Looking to Russia - a full day safari to Kuntivaara

This safari we drives a lot. Group fitness and the skills of the guide to select the best possible route. Safari drive sporty crossover model heads. Lunch is served in the warm comfort of indoors.

Programme duration : about 8 hours
Minimum group size : 4 people
Price : 350 € / person

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